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Crafting Immigration Strategies for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Immigration

Our attorneys frequently advise entrepreneurs, founders, and new companies. We have extensive experience helping entrepreneurs start new businesses in the US and working with foreign companies to open new US offices. Our attorneys have prepared visas and green cards in every category, and our office files over 1,000 petitions per year.

We have helped individuals and companies in the following common scenarios, among others:

  • Students at US universities starting new companies
  • Foreign companies seeking to open a US office or relocate to the US
  • Entrepreneurs currently working for other companies who are seeking to start their own companies
  • Early-stage companies hiring critical talent

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What Happens When You Schedule a Call?

A phone call is the best way to assess your immigration options and devise a strategy to get a visa and/or green card. When you schedule a call you will speak to an attorney at our firm. These consultations generally last between 20 and 40 minutes. During that call, an attorney will learn more about you and your company to determine what the best visa and/or green card options are. If more than one option is available, the attorney will provide guidance on the pros and cons of each available option.

The consultation is also a great tool for aspiring entrepreneurs. We can craft a personal immigration strategy for those who are seeking to start their own business while studying or working for another company.

We charge $99 for the initial consultation. If you proceed with us to prepare a visa or green card petition we will apply that $99 fee toward the legal fees for that case.

The Application Process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Ship Petition to
Government Agency

Step 5

Final Decision

Each petition we handle proceeds through the same general process. This process ensures that we request all documents and information from you and that our preparation is completed in a timely manner. But we also know that every case is unique. Our process enables to take time to consult with our clients, learning about each company’s situation and tailoring our strategy accordingly.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Meltzer Hellrung LLC. The team is professional and courteous. Matt Meltzer has been my attorney at the firm for over 3 years. Matt has handled several cases on behalf of our company. I have referred Matt to my friends in Chicago technology community. Matt is diligent and helps us strategize a winning case from all angles. Matt is direct in sharing when a case has a chance of winning and failing. He does not waste our time or money, which is what I value most in addition to his counsel and friendship.”

-Aksh Gupta, CEO, Occasion

Flat Fee Pricing

We work on a flat fee basis. This means the price we quote is inclusive of all legal work to submit your petition to the appropriate government agency. We do not charge anything further for client communication.

The prices listed do not include shipping and any expenses necessary from outside vendors. Please note that government filing fees are separate from our flat fee and subject to change. Negotiated fees are available for companies where multiple visas are needed.

Case Type Legal Fee Gov’t Filing Fee Total
H-1B $2150 $1710* (for companies with 25 or fewer employees) $3860
E-2 $4700 $205 $4905
L-1A $4500 $960* $5460
O-1 $4500 $460* $4960
TN $1300 Usually handled at consulate or port of entry Depends on place of filing
EB-1A Green Card $4500 $700* $5200
NIW $4500 $700 $5200
Adjustment of Status (per person) $1600 $1225 $2825

*Eligible for premium processing service. An additional $1410 government filing fee is required for premium processing service.

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