We charge $99 for the initial consultation. If you proceed with us to prepare a visa or green card petition we will apply that $99 fee toward the legal fees for that case.

All times are in Central Standard Time (UTC -6)


What Happens When You Schedule a Call?

A phone call is the best way to assess your immigration options and devise a strategy to get a visa and/or green card. When you schedule a call you will speak to an attorney at our firm; these consultations generally last between 20 and 40 minutes. During that call an attorney will learn more about you and your company to determine what the best visa and/or green card options are. If more than one option is available the attorney will provide guidance on the pros and cons of each available option.

The consultation is also a great tool for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about their immigration options to help develop a strategy for starting a business while studying or working for another company.