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Last month, L. Francis Cissna, the Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, wrote a letter to Senator Grassley regarding USCIS intentions for various work visas. That letter describes USCIS plans regarding numerous work visas, as well as plans regarding the International Entrepreneur Rule.

Director Cissna wrote that the USCIS will continue to seek to end the International Entrepreneur Rule. This was not news, as the USCIS had already sought to end the program, but had been overruled by a federal court for not following appropriate administrative procedure. Curiously, the USCIS noted that it has not yet approved any parole requests under the International Entrepreneur Rule. This seems to be projecting an intention not to approve any petitions.

These statements are disappointing as the USCIS fails to understand the importance of foreign entrepreneurship to our country. Here at Meltzer Hellrung LLC we are committed to assisting immigrant entrepreneurs successfully pursue their businesses. Although the International Entrepreneur Rule may not be an ideal path for immigrant entrepreneurs today, we continue to successfully petition for immigrant entrepreneurs using many other traditional visa categories.

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