Each petition we handle proceeds through a general process flow. This process ensures that all documents and information are appropriately requested and that our preparation is completed in a timely manner. Every case is unique and we will take the time to handle your situation with the appropriate diligence.┬áThis general process flow enables us to take the time to consult with our clients to learn about each company’s situation and develop the appropriate strategy.

The Visa Application Process

Step 1


We will learn about your business

Build a strategy and determine appropriate visa type

Step 2


Complete questionnaires

Open account in online platform

Prepare document request list

Step 3


Preparation of all necessary forms and letters

Forms and letters made available for review

Legal and filing fees collected

Step 4

Ship Petition to
Government Agency

Respond to any governmental inquiries

Step 5

Final Decision

Approval shipped to you

Complete copy of petition made available